Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Epcot During the Fall

Epcot at the Walt Disney World Resort - Orlando, FL - Ouroutdoortravels.blogspot.com

After eating our donuts and my "iced instant coffee", we caught a bus from the Fort Wilderness Campground to spend the whole day at Epcot.  The Food and Wine Festival was still going on during our visit. You could definitely feel the impact of hurricane Sandy passing by Florida this day.  There was no rain, but just very strong gusty winds.  I was kind of worried about our tent, hoping it would still be there when we arrived back at the campground that night. When we first arrived, we hit all the attractions in Future World, like Nemo, The Land and Soarin, etc. before heading over to the Countries.

Nemo at Epcot at the Walt Disney World Resort - Orlando, FL - Ouroutdoortravels.blogspot.com
 The Land Pavillion was all decorated for the fall.

Fall at the Land Pavillion in Epcot at the Walt Disney World Resort - Orlando, FL - Ouroutdoortravels.blogspot.com
Inside the Land Pavillion
Here is a Tip:  As soon as you get into Epcot, you should make sure you get a FAST PASS for Soarin.  It is located in the Land Pavillion.  The regular wait can be over an hour and this is a ride that should not be missed.  (I wish they would put one of these in all the Countries) Test Track was being refurbished while we were there, so we did not get to ride this time.  (This is another ride to try to get a fast pass for) We were finally ready to go to the World Showcase to visit the Countries.  They not only had food from all the Countries located in the World Showcase, they also had kiosks set up of other Countries.  There was a wide variety of food to try, but pricey. Our first stop was Mexico, so I got myself a frozen Margherita and a Churro for Nadia.  We then quickly walked over to Norway and signed up for the new Phineas & Ferb's Agent P's World Showcase Adventure.  This was the old Kim Possible Adventure.  Still the same fun game, just with Phineas & Ferb helping Agent P stop Dr. Doof in his tracks.  We had fun playing. After we were done, we headed back to Mexico and hit the Kid Funcot Station.  This time, each child was able to color an Agent P mask, which you would then take to each Country to get a special stamp.  Nadia really enjoyed this and it is FREE. 

The Giant Troll in Norway -Epcot at the Walt Disney World Resort - Orlando, FL - Ouroutdoortravels.blogspot.com
The Giant Troll in Norway
We visited each attraction in each Country and did the Kidcot Station. There was a Sister Hazel Concert going on by the America Pavillion.  We did not really try that much food, but I did try the cheese soup in Canada.  That was YUMMY. The only draw back was that there were a lot of glassy eyed people walking around and they seemed to be annoyed by the kids as I was getting annoyed by them walking into me.  So, if you are doing a family oriented trip and this would bother you, plan your stay not for the Food and Wine Festival time.  (We have enjoyed ourselves more at Epcot when we have gone at other times) We did not get to stay for the Fireworks.  Again, we were exhausted and Nadia was starting to have a meltdown and she is too big for me to carry now. So we headed back to the bus to The Fort Wilderness Campground. Nadia and I were both very happy to see that our Tent survived.  It was still in place and in one piece :)  We fell right to sleep.