Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hiking Dark Hollow Falls

Dark Hollow Falls Hiking Trail - Skyline Drive - VA
Dark Hollow Falls
We were originally going to try the Ranger led Ancient Volcano Hike at Timber Hollow Overlook (mile marker 43.3), but we were too late.  I then decided we should try the Dark Hollow Falls Hike. (Mile marker 50.7)  When we arrived, there was no parking :( this is a very popular trail.  We then headed back over to Timber Hollow Overlook to have a look around.  We still had about two hours to kill before the Bear Necessities Ranger presentation back at Skyland Resort.  I then drove us back to Dark Hollow Falls to see if we could find a parking space one last time.  We found one and it was up close :) Dark Hollow Falls is a 1.4-mile hike and should take around 1.5 to 2 hours.  Please be aware: On this hike you start out going down, so you have to make sure you can hike back up to finish.  The end can be challenging.  Dogs are not allowed on the trail. 

Dark Hollow Falls Hiking Trail - Skyline Drive, VA
Hiking Down the Trail
I made sure we had our hydro packs filled with water and we started out.  It was kind of hot in the afternoon, but the morning was in the 50’s.  There are quite a few rocks, roots and steps on the trail.  Watch your step.  Please make sure you stay on the trail.  There have been many injuries and deaths caused by the slippery rocks.

Waterfall Safety
Waterfall Safety
We really had no problem going down the trail.  The falls were nice and worth the hike.  Once you got to the end of the trail, you could take another trail further down.  I decided we better not, because we needed to make sure we could get back up the trail.  Remember, we live in a place of very flat land, and we are not used to walking up hills.

Hiking back up Dark Hollow Falls Skyline Drive
Hking up the Trail
The hike up was not that bad, we did have to huff and puff and rest a bit, but we did make it.  People were watching us come up, like I was, going down.  To see how strenuous it was.  When we got back to the car, a gentleman and his wife stopped us and said, “Well I see that you are sweating, is the trail up really bad?” I laughed and told him, “You have to take in consideration that we are from Florida and not used to walking up hills.”  They laughed and ventured on. We both enjoyed hiking this trail.

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