Sunday, June 2, 2013

Limberlost Hike Trail on Skyline Drive

The Limberlost Trail is located at Mile Marker 43 and is an easy loop.  The trail takes about an hour to complete.  The Limberlost Forest houses some of the Shenandoah National Parks oldest and largest red spruce trees.  The oldest is believed to be more than 250 years old! You will come across other trails on the loop, but the Limberlost Trail is clearly marked.  We actually found a lot of the trails off the Skyline Drive to be the clearest marked trails that we have seen.  I very much appreciated that. The Limberlost trail is made of crushed greenstone and is pretty much level.  There are no dogs or bicycles allowed on the trail.  About every 400 ft. you will come across a bench to sit and relax at.  There is a boardwalk at one point that crosses over a swampy area. When we arrived at this trail, it was not very crowded.  So the two of us were pretty much it on the trail.  I was kind of nervous walking on our own.   So I had us walk fast and talked on the trail.  We then heard some guy singing really loud, so I was like, come walk faster and the next thing I knew we were at the parking lot. As we were walking off the trail, this one man asked me if I saw any wildlife.  I told him no. Then Nadia pointed out a deer standing right next to me! I did not even notice it.  The man said laughing, “Well now you have!” The Limberlost Trail was really nice and peaceful.  Definitely and easy trail.  I just must have been so worried about encountering a bear or stranger that I forgot to take pictures!

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