Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Magic Kingdom During the Day in October

Magic Kingdom - Cinderella's Castle - www.ouroutdoortravels.blogspot.com

 Now I have to admit, I was lazy when it came to making breakfast.  I did not feel like lugging out my "electric burner" double stove top and making sure it was cooled down before we left for the parks, so we had donuts for breakfast.  I had brought some powdered donuts and a box of Entenmann's donuts.  I also found that the Starbucks instant coffee tasted good to me stirred in cold water.  I know that Starbucks instant coffee is expensive, but I think it is the best tasting instant coffee out there.  It wakes me up, so I try to use it sparingly. (like when I am going camping) When we were all set to go to the Magic Kingdom, we walked to the bus stop and caught a bus to "The Settlement Depot".  This is where you would go to take the boat over to the Magic Kingdom.  Nadia and I really enjoy the boat ride.  You can choose to sit outside or inside.  We opted to sit on the outside in the front.  Here are some views you can see from the boat on your way the Magic Kingdom.

The Contemporary Resort - Walt Disney World Resort - www.ouroutdoortravels.blogspot.com
The Contemporary Resort
Fort Wilderness Lodge - Walt Disney World Resort - www.ouroutdoortravels.blogspot.com
Fort Wilderness Lodge
The Grand Floridian[ - Walt Disney World Resort - outoutdoortravels.blogspot.com
The Grand Floridian
Arriving at The Magic Kingdom
Everything was so nicely decorated for the Fall.  I LOVED it.

The Fall at the Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World - FL - www.ouroutdoortravels.blogspot.com

The Fall at the Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World - FL - www.ouroutdoortravels.blogspot.com

The lines were not bad at all.  We got to ride most of the rides 4 times in a row.  Peter Pan was the long wait, so please make sure to use the fast pass for that ride.  I think we waited for an hour without the fast pass!

Upstairs view of the Columbia House at the Magic Kingdom
Upstairs in the Columbia House
We ate lunch at the Columbia House near the Haunted Mansion.  I love eating there.  We got to actually eat upstairs in a room I have never been in.  Sometimes the upstairs is blocked off.  This is a fast service restaurant.  You order, pay, pickup and then find a place to eat. The new Fantasy Land was not quite finished yet (it is now open).  They were not letting anybody in that area.  I tried at different times of the day.  So here are the only photos I could get for you all.

The Beast's Castle at the New Fantasy Land, Magic Kingdom, FL - www.ouroutdoortravels.blogspot.com
The Beast's Castle
The Entrance to Fantasy Land - www.ouroutdoortravels.blogspot.com
The Entrance to Fantasy Land
 At 7:00 p.m. we showed our Disney Halloween Tickets and got a bracelet (so we could ride the rides) We were also given goody bags (for trick or treating) and Nadia changed into her Fairy Costume.  Now it was time for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party....

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