Saturday, June 15, 2013

Our Visit to Downtown Disney 2012

Fultons at Downtown Disney in the Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, FL
Downtown Disney
After we had our campsite set up at The Fort Wilderness Campground, Nadia and I, hopped on a bus to go to Downtown Disney.  We decided we were going to treat ourselves and eat lunch at the T-REX Cafe.  We do not really get a chance to eat out much so this was a very nice splurge for us. (Thank Goodness for the Disney Rewards Card)

T-Rex Cafe at Downtown Disney, Orlando, FL
T-Rex Cafe
This is a dinosaur themed restaurant, as you can tell by the above picture.  It is quite noisy inside with the roaring of the dinosaurs, but I love the theming.  I think they did a good job.

T-Rex Cafe at Downtown Disney, Orlando, FL

T-Rex Cafe at Downtown Disney, Orlando, FL
This big guy was right next to our table. It would turn its head every now and then. 
Even though our meals that we ordered were a bit pricey, (at least I thought so) they tasted very good and were very filling.  Nadia ordered the featured kids drink, which was like a frozen fruit punch served in a plastic dinosaur bone cup and you get to keep the cup. After we were done eating, we walked around Downtown Disney and came upon the New Phineus and Ferb & You exhibit. (I believe this was just temporary until Dec. 1, 2012. - Not sure if they decided to extend the time it was available)

Phineus & Ferb[ Exhibit
Phineus & Ferb
What it is, is a giant TV screen and you get to interact with the characters.  Like for instance, Nadia did a soccer scene, so she had to kick the ball and they took a photo. (But I just took a photo of the big screen)  

Phineus & Ferb[ Exhibit
The bad thing, is you could not pick the scene you wanted to be in.  I would have liked a scene with Dr. Doof.  I am sorry, but he just cracks me up. Now it was time for us to hop on another bus and visit the New Art of Animation Resort, which you can read about here. After arriving back to Downtown Disney from the Art of Animation Resort, Nadia and I, caught a bus back to the Fort Wilderness Campground.  I then fired up the grill to cook up some turkey burgers that I had brought with us, but I was not hungry still from my big lunch so Nadia ate two burgers. When I was done cleaning up dinner, we headed on down to the Chip & Dale Campfire Program and then watched the evenings movie which was "A Bugs Life". Next Post: On to Disney World.