Sunday, August 25, 2013

My Adventure on the Murder Mystery Dinner Train Ride

Like I said in my previous post: Camping at Koreshan State Historic Site, my friends and I have been talking about trying the Murder Mystery Train.  This year we decided to finally make it happen.

We enjoy camping, so we stayed at the Koreshan State Historic Site, which was about 14 miles away from the train.  You can also stay at a hotel closer.  There website is running a special for the Courtyard by Marriott.  Keep checking for specials.

The price can very from $65 - $75 dollars depending on what day you go.  Remember to bring some extra cash or your credit card to purchase drinks and gratuity with dinner.  We all enjoyed our meal.
Here is the menu to view.

So what you do is, you board the train and appetizers are awaiting.  The train travels about 20 miles to a place known at Tucker's Grade and then you return to the station.  There are about four train cars in which there are two rows of tables which seat 4 people.  The murder mystery is acted out in parts (after each meal course) Each part is acted out in each car.  I thought the actors did a GREAT job.

The wait staff did a GREAT job too.  I think I would have lost my balance walking through a moving train, let alone trying to serve meals to people.

Here are some sights that I saw while on the train:

When we returned back to the station, it was dark out.  Make sure you take good notes while the mystery is being acted out.  You could be a winner!

I did not win, but I enjoyed trying!

P.S. This train ride is geared toward adults.