Saturday, October 26, 2013

Hiking to Laurel Falls
Laurel Falls

After we got all unpacked in our Cabin, we were ready to start exploring the Great Smoky Mountains.  I wanted to take my sister to the Sugarland Visitor Center.  This is my favorite visitor center.  I like the museum and they have some hiking trails too.

Heading to the Sugarland visitor center from Townsend, you will pass the Laurel Falls trail head.  I always make it a rule, if you happen to see parking at the trail head, stop now and hike.  This is the most populated trail in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the view is worth the crowds.

Well, when we passed by the trail head, it was raining (no lightning) and there was parking.  The Laurel Falls Trail, takes about 2 hours to hike.  We put on our rain gear and headed out.  As we started out, we passed a lot of people coming down the trail, but no one else was going up.  This was probably not a good idea, matter a fact, not a good idea at all.   I had to take my time due to my injury and the stupid antibiotics were making me a little dizzy when I walked, but I was going to get my hiking in dar gone it!  The trail was paved, which was nice.   I started worrying about seeing a bear, since we were the only ones on the trail (we did not see any).  The rain became just a drizzle.

When we reached the top, we were the only ones there!  Great photo opportunity!  

Word of Warning!! Waterfalls are very dangerous and slippery.  Use caution, adhere to the warnings and stay in the designated areas.  

I would not recommend that you hike to any waterfall while it is raining.
Looking Down the Falls While Standing on the Bridge

We managed to get back to the car safely.  Me and my clumsy self did fall once, but I was ok. 

When we got back the car, we headed over to the visitor center and Nadia and I showed my sister around.  We then headed back to the cabin for our steak dinner out on the grill.