Sunday, December 15, 2013

Our Last Stop - Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina
Grandfather Mountain
Our last stop on our vacation was Grandfather Mountain, which was also located off the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina.

The driving here, is very steep and jaw clenching, but I was able to manage it.  I did not drive to the top though, to walk the mile high swinging bridge, instead, we parked at the trail head and hiked up.  It was only a .5 mile hike, but a lot of rocks and branches to climb over.  This would have been a fine hike for me if I was in good condition, but I had to give in and let Nadia hold onto me on the way down.
Hiking up to the bridge
The view is very nice from the bridge.  There is also  a little gift shop too.

We headed back down under the bridge to hike back to the car.
View from underneath the bridge

Next we went to park at the zoo and eat in the Museum.  I love to eat here.  Make sure you get a window seat, because there are humming birds flying all around.

We walked over to look at the animals.  They have a couple of black bears, eagles, deer, cougars and some river otters.
Tired Sleepy Bear
It was now time to end our vacation.  What a fun time we had.  I was very proud of my sister.  This was her first time getting outdoors and hiking.  She did a great job, even though, she said many times she felt like she was gonna die.  She is so silly.  

Bye Bye to the cooler temps and back to 95 degrees.