Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Staying at the Pisgah Inn on the Blue Ridge Parkway

View from the Balcony
We arrived at the Pisgah Inn located in North Carolina, from the Smoky Mountains around 3:30 - 4:00 p.m.  Nadia and I love this place and now my sister does too.  I like to arrive during daylight, because the weather changes so quickly here.  Last year when we arrived, it was sunny, then an hour later it was raining with hail!!  This time it was foggy.

View when we first arrived

The Pisgah Inn is not a luxury resort, but it does have its own restaurant with a great view of the mountains.  The rooms are not fancy, but comfortable; no phones, but they do have wi-fi; no air, just open a window or the back door, the weather was in the 60's!
A view of Nadia watching her shows, while we were sitting outside
Check out the view that you get from your back balcony!  This was about 2 hours after we arrived. Not so foggy anymore!
See how the weather changed?

 Each room had brand new rocking chairs this year.  You get two rocking chairs and a table.  
This is where I stay, on the balcony.  I bring a good book and my camera and relax.  Nadia watches TV and pops out to say hello every now and then.  This is what de-stressing means to me, the simple things in life.


We were on the second floor.  If you look down into the grass, you could see some birds, bunnies and chipmunks.  Luckily we did not see any bear, but I have heard of a few sightings, so be on the look out.


One of the many bunnies we saw
We spent two nights here.  In the mornings we watched the hummingbirds while we drank our coffee before heading over to the restaurant for breakfast.


Morning View

Nadia up early taking photos of nature
While we were here, we visited the Biltmore Estates.  It is only about a half hour away.  Just ask the friendly staff for directions.  They also have maps for area hikes.

The Pisgah Inn is open from April - October only.  Also, you do not need to stay at the Inn to eat at the restaurant.