Sunday, July 6, 2014

Our Summer Road Trip to Natural Bridge, VA
The Natural Bridge

This year for our summer vacation we traveled to the State of Virginia.  There is so much to see, that we really needed longer than a week  My sister decided to join Nadia and I again on our road trip.

Our first Stop was Natural Bridge, located in Natural Bridge, VA.  It is one of the "Seven Natural Wonders of the World".  Let me just say, pictures do not do this justice.  I was in shock when I saw this in person.  It was truly just awe inspiring.  The bridge was formed when a cavern collapsed and left what is still standing today.
Stairs leading down to the Natural Bridge Trail

When you first arrive at Natural Bridge, you go inside the gift shop and you have to purchase tickets.
$18 for Adults $10 for kids 7-17 years old, 6 and under are free.  They have AAA discounts.

Once you have your tickets you head to the entrance and have to climb down  a lot of stairs and follow the path.  If you cannot use the stairs, they offer a shuttle to take you down to the path.
going down the path to the bridge
A tree growing out of the boardwalk and now more stairs.
Still some more stairs to climb down, but the scenery is pretty with a small waterfall.

Finally done with the stairs and we are on the Cedar Creek Trail towards the bridge.  There is also a little outdoor restaurant for snacks and drinks at the beginning of the trail.

There are rock walls along the side of the trail.  Do not sit on there, we found out later they had snakes on them! Yikes!!

The bridge area has guides who offer to tell you the history.

As you continue along the trail, you come to the Monacan Living History Indian Village.

After the village, you continue on the trail.  There is supposed to be a butterfly garden, but the flowers were overgrown.

This area was roped off, but when you stood by the rope, you could feel a very nice cool breeze, so I imagine that was a cavern.

Below, is the Saltpeter Mine and the Lost River

The water snakes on the wall.

 At the end of the Cedar Creek Trail is the Lace Waterfalls.

After the falls, you turn around to walk back to the bridge.

And yes, back up the stairs. (or take the shuttle)  My sister and I had to take a little rest walking back up the stairs, but of course Nadia ran up them waiting for us with no problem :)

Even though a little pricey, I think Natural Bridge is a pretty neat place to see at least once.  We all enjoyed our visit.

You can read more about Natural Bridge here.  They also have a hotel on sight, but we did not stay their during this visit.

Next stop, the Pisgah Inn on the Blue-Ridge Parkway.