Sunday, August 3, 2014

Our Trip to Washington DC - Part 2 - Trolley Tour - Memorials and More

This was our last day in Washington, DC.  (Yes, you do need more than two days to see everything).

We checked out of the Americana Hotel and were able to leave our car there for free, while we caught the Metro to Union Station to get our Trolley Tickets.
Union Station
Union Station was HUGE.  So many people and stores and restaurants, oh my!  We finally found the Old Town Trolley Tours desk and bought our tickets.  You are free to hop on and off at the points of interest.  I think this is a great way to see the city.  You can stay on and ride the whole loop and then figure out what you want to spend more time at or get off when you see something you want to visit now.  The drivers are very knowledgeable and some are pretty funny too.

Here are some of the sites just outside of Union Station.
Union Station

The Trolley has a great seating and you can see a lot.  The George Washington Memorial was open again finally from the previous earthquake that closed down tours, but we did not have time to go on it :(

Yeah! I finally get to see the Lincoln Memorial.  I have always admired Abraham Lincoln.  This memorial was Awesome!

If you look across the front of the Lincoln Memorial, you will see the reflecting pool.

Next, instead of getting back on the trolley, we decided to walk over to the Martin Luther King Memorial.  On our way, we passed the Korean War Memorial.

Now onto the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial.  This just gave you goosebumps.

Last, but not least, the White House.  Unfortunately we did not have time to get out and tour.

Next post is about the Smithsonian Museum of Natural and American History.