Sunday, November 16, 2014

Our Trip to Lovers Key State Park
Lovers Key State Park
Lovers Key State Park is located in Ft. Myers Beach, FL.  We traveled across Alligator Alley early in the morning, to this park one day over the summer.
Early Morning out in the Everglades
There is a concession stand where you can rent kayaks and canoes.  The website had said that you could see bottle nose dolphins, manatees and alligators.

We had arrived early in the morning, but already the hot Florida sun was beating down on us, so I decided we should just go to the beach section and come back and kayak when it is winter.
Bridge to get to the beach
You had to walk across a bridge to get to the beach.  We thought the beach was beautiful.  Not many people were around and we started walking and looking for shells.  This was a great beach for shelling.  As we were shelling, we ran into a nice gentlemen who gave Nadia and I a brochure about shells, so we knew the names of the shells that we found.  He also gave us the nice ones that he found!  He said he just really enjoys shelling.
Our collection of Shells
We then went back to our blanket and decided it was time to go swimming.  The water was not clear, but it did feel good on a hot day.  I kept looking around for dolphins.  A head popped out of the water and stared at us.  I was scared at first and then realized it was a cute little sea turtle.

Although we did not see any dolphins, we did see some sand dollars and star fish.  The beach was very pretty and had white sand.

Lovers Key State Park also has hiking, bike rentals, along with the boat rentals.  They also have a restaurant.

When we were done at the beach, we decided to try a nature trail.  We only made it half way because it was so hot.  On this trail, the website had mentioned you may be able to see a dolphin.  I still did not get to see any that day, but we did run into a tortoise and believe it or not, he was fast moving.

We then got in the car to head home, a classic afternoon summer thunderstorm was rolling in.  Perfect timing.

You can read more about what Lovers Key State Park has to offer here.

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