Sunday, August 14, 2016

Camping at Markham Park in South Florida
Florida Everglades
This time we went camping with just John, Cretia and Julie.  We left work around 4:00 p.m. on a Friday night. Our site was really nice. We could see the water and a small hill. On top of this hill, people bike riding, walking their dogs or just going for an evening run could be seen. It was nice to watch as the sun set in the west. We all agreed that the only problem with the site was that the restrooms were far away. You could walk to it, but I noticed a lot of people got in their cars and drove. We opted to walk. Our campsite was also near the shooting range, so it sounded like firecrackers going off until 8:00 p.m.

Tonight’s dinner was pizza! Yes it was picked up from the pizza place and yes that is cheating, but it sure was delicious. The mosquitos were not bad at all. We listened to John's Irish music around the campfire and Nadia made us the usual smores. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that John had to help me with my bikes again. I really need to get that down.

View from our Campsite at markham park
View from our campsite
John and Nadia moved Lisa’s car to the extra parking lot; you are only allowed two cars on each site.  On the way back from the parking lot, John and Nadia, found a bunch of lightning bugs in a field!
Later that night, Nadia and I, went to the field on our way back from the restroom, I wanted to see the lightning bugs too. I am so glad that she had a chance to see them. I used to love watching fireflies in my Grandmothers backyard, while in Pennsylvania on our summer vacations when I was a kid. 

I believe it was around 10:00 p.m. when we retired for the evening. During the night, I heard little critters outside my tent. We did not have any food in the tent, but something was scratching near my head to get in the tent. I scooted on down my air mattress. The animal also had an odor, so not sure if it was an opossum or raccoon.

view of the levy
View of the levy 
When we woke up in the morning, it was just Nadia and I in the tent, no uninvited critters. ☺ We had our usual pancakes and sausage for breakfast and then we headed out on our bikes. We rode through the park and then Lisa needed to rest, so we dropped her off back at our site and then we headed for the hill. OMG, when we got on top of the hill, all you could see was sawgrass. That is the picture you see at the top of this blog post. It was really breath taking. We then rode a little more and we were facing our campsite, we tried to call to Lisa, but she was in her tent and did not hear us. After we got down the hill, we road our bikes into town and cheated again! We bought chicken wings and brought it back to camp.

Our dinner was hamburgers and hotdogs cooked over the campfire. We also saw a raccoon go running by; its eyes glowed from the campfire. Thank goodness it kept on running away from us. The mosquitos were horrible that night. Not sure why, it did not rain. We all called it a night and went to go to bed.

​Well, right behind me at the next site over. Teenagers were camping. They were having a party until 3 AM!!! Not nice, not nice at all. So, when we got up at 6 AM, I made sure to bang the cooking pots and talk REAL loud. If Momma ain’t getting any sleep, ain’t nobody getting any sleep. LOL! They’ll have karma when they get older, just like us, right? 

view of our campsite from the levy
View of our campsite from the levy
After our breakfast dishes were washed; we went to ride our bikes to a nature trail; but Cretia's tire had a flat. We ended up having to drive down to the trail. The nature trail was not long and then we went back to our site and started packing up. I actually pretty much got the bikes on myself this time with a little help from John. We said our goodbyes. It was a good time had by all.  Now to head home and get some sleep!

Markham Park is a county park with camping, shooting range, model airplane field and more.  You can check out more information at their website.

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