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Family Travel Tips for Visiting Epcot

visiting Epcot with my daughter
Epcot is a very FUN place believe it or not;  At least we think so; Nadia just loves it!  She makes me laugh, because she would call the "Big Ball", the “Pearl”; It is actually called "Spaceship: Earth". This is a way for Nadia and I to travel to different “Countries” affordably and get a little taste of the culture.

Picture taken in "Italy" at Epcot
Picture Taken in "Italy" at Epcot
If we are spending a couple days at the Disney Resort and we have the Park Hopper Tickets; we would usually spend half a day at Hollywood Studios and then take the boat or bus over to Epcot for the last half of the day and travel the Countries.  Then later in the week, we would spend a FULL day at Epcot.  We just really enjoy ourselves here.

If you have little ones still, you will want to rent a stroller first.  Nadia did not ride in it much, but it helped carry the bag of diapers, change of clothes, etc.  

The way we like to travel around Epcot is; we start off first at the “Pearl” (Spaceship Earth), only if there is a short line.  If the line is long, just come back later and you will get right on.  We then head over to Nemo.  Then we head to Soarin – Get a FAST PASSS!!!  This is a must. This is the BEST ride ever.  I wish they had one of these in each of the Countries.  Anyways, get the fast pass and then go ride “Living with the Land”.  If you have time still, see “The Circle of Life” film.  Then go ride Soarin.  As of now, you are able to arrange your three fast passes before your travel and unfortunately you cannot get Soarin and Test Track at the same time.  Both of these rides can be over 90 minutes long.  I suggest you try to book one or the other as early in the day as you can.  You would have to finish all three fast passes before you can book more and those two rides book up fast.

The next place we visit is the Imagination Pavilion.  Ride the ride and play after in the imagination area then head over to Universe of Energy and ride that ride.
When you are done, hopefully your fast pass for Test Track is ready, if not, check out Mission Space.  They have an intense and not so intense line, but still not for little ones.

After we are done with those rides, we then hit the Countries.  I like to start with Mexico, because by that time, I am ready for a Margarita and Nachos.  It is your choice, you can start with Canada instead and work your way around. 

Kid activities at epcot kidcot
Kidcot at Epcot
If you try the Phineas and Ferb: Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure. You will see things that other guests of the park will not see.  It is VERY COOL and fun for the whole Family.  The only thing is you  are assigned a Country to start with and you would have to follow the list; so I recommend; do that first then when you are done go back and take your time visiting each Country.

Most of the Countries offer a boat ride or circle vision movie.  They all have food pertaining to the specific Country available.  The Crème Brule is very good in France.

Each Country also has a "Kidcot" station, where the kids make a litle mask and they then collect stamps in each Country on their masks.  

Nadia Posing with Mulan at Epcot
Nadia Posing with Mulan
The Countries are a good way to see the Princesses too.  We got to see Mulan, Snow White, Jasmine, Sleeping Beauty and Belle. 
At around 9:00 or so each night, they have a Magnificent Fireworks Display in the Seven Seas Lagoon.  It is a must see! Remember to bring your backpacks, ponchos, sunscreen, sports drink and water for an enjoyable time. 

Here is a link to Epcot's official site for more information.

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