Sunday, August 7, 2016

First Time Camping in the Great Smoky Mountains

Kozy Cabin at the Townsend KOA
Kozy Cabin at the KOA
Please Note: This post is actually the first in a series of when we traveled through the Smoky Mountains, across the Blue Ridge Parkway and then stayed on the Skyline Drive.  This vacation took us two weeks to complete!  I have kind of made a little mess of my blog and I apologize.  Money has been a little tight, so I am hosting my blog back on blogger and will eventually redirect the address to show, but I wanted to transfer my posts back to blogger first.  I will then add some brand new posts after that.  So I again apologize that this is a bit out of order.

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While researching for this trip, I realized it would be more affordable if we camped some nights.  It would be way more affordable if we would camp in a tent, but I am too chicken.  I was not going  camping in a tent in bear country!  I was able to find the best of both worlds; I found a one room cabin made of wood, but no bathroom or kitchen.  Wow, just like a tent, but made of wood; ok it was more like an elegant tent.  It was so cute!  The cabin had a porch with a swing and it overlooked the river!  There was also air conditioning, a double bed, bunk bed and mini fridge.  You had to bring your own linens.

Camping in Townsend near the Smoky Mountains
We had arrived!
The last time we had stayed in Tennessee, we stayed in Gatlinburg.  I had found Gatlinburg to be a bit too congested for me.  I do not like crowds, so for this trip I decided to try Townsend.  It was supposed to be the “quieter side” of the Smokies, and it was.  We really liked this place.

Cooking Dinner near the Cabin in the Smokies our outdoor travel stories
Nadia waiting patiently for dinner
This was the first time we had ever stayed at a KOA and it was a nice experience.  Our cabin had a fire pit, charcoal grill and picnic table, along with a hook to hold our lantern at night.  The "comfort stations" were very nice and clean.  There were also two port a pots near the cabin, which were the cleanest I have ever seen.

View of the Tubers floating down the River from our porch. Smoky Mountains
This was the View from the Porch!
Please Note: The main “comfort station” is closed for cleaning from 1-3:00 p.m.  As for the showers, you had a changing area and then the shower and they were separate, not in one big room.  I liked that.  There was always a shower available; we did not have to wait when we visited.

The pool area at the cabin
The Pool Area
If you would like to find more information about the KOA Townsend in Tennessee, you can check out their website here.