Saturday, August 20, 2016

Our Summertime Fun - Exploring Key West, Florida - Day 3 - Last Day

The Conch Tour Train in Key West, Florida
The Conch Tour Train
This post is about day three of our Key West trip.  Our plans were to go on a sightseeing tour of Key West; and then catch the Sunset Cruise, which was included with our water adventure on the Fury that we took on Day Two.

We made breakfast in our room and then headed over to the concierge desk to see about tickets for a sightseeing tour.  The concierge had recommended the Conch Tour Train since we would only need the tour for one day.  We also purchased tickets for the Key West Aquarium.

Key West Aquarium
Key West Aquarium
When we were all set to go; we walked down Duval Street from our hotel, to the Conch Train Tour Stop to board the train.

Key West Shore Excursion: Conch Tour Train - $30.45
 - From Viator
When you arrive in port in Key West, take the Conch Tour Train shore excursion; you’ll see the best of Key West on the tour that's been entertaining visitors to the Island City since 1958. You’ll hear legends and lore of this charming tropical paradise like stories about Henry Flagler's railroad, which arrived in Key West September 22, 1912, and forever changed the Island City.

The Conch Train was cute.  It is open, but has a roof.  The seats in the back face the opposite direction.  It was bumpy back there so hold on, but it was also kind of fun.

Sloppy Joe's Bar in Key West Florida

We passed by cemeteries, bars, the waterfront, and many homes with such great architecture.

Hemingway's House in Key West Florida
Hemingway's House
When the train arrived at Mallory Square, we got out to go to the Aquarium.  There was a shark feeding going on.

Shark Feeding at the Aquarium in Key West Florida
Shark Feeding

The Aquarium is small, but they had some nice tanks and feeding demonstrations.

Key West Aquarium - $15.03
 - From Viator
Discover the intriguing world of the ocean with a visit to the Key West Aquarium. Explore the different sections of the aquarium and gain a thorough understanding of our planet’s alluring oceans. The aquarium features a wide variety of sea life, including eels, parrotfish, groupers, sharks, alligators and much more.

A Cruise Ship docked in Key West Florida

While watching the Shark Feeding demonstration, I noticed the cruise ship that had arrived.  It looked huge.  We walked around a bit and then got back on the Conch Train and got off on the next stop to have some lunch.

the lighthouse in Key West Florida
The Key West Lighthouse
We ate at Island Dogs.  It was an open air eatery with all types of food available.   Quite good.

Afterward, we finished our tour on the Conch Train and took it back to Mallory Square. Once there, we window shopped and then checked in, to board the Sunset Cruise.

Sunset Cruise in Key West Florida

We got to see the nice family again that we sat with on the FURY's Ultimate adventure.  They were on the cruise along with some other familiar and new faces.  We received complimentary wine, beer and Champagne.

fiery orange sunset off the Sunset Cruise in Key West Florida

The cruise was about two hours long and the view was wonderful.  Nadia and I, really enjoyed this.

After the cruise, the four of us took a taxi back to our hotel and then went swimming for the last time in the pool.  We headed back to our room after the pool closed, only to find out that our room key was no longer working.  We had to walk back to the office and they had to get a maintenance man out to change the batteries in the lock so it would work again.  I kind of think there should be a certain amount of time and the batteries should be changed, not when they die out.  What happens if you did not get back to your room until 2 a.m. and you are really exhausted.  Not good. 

Oh well, other than that, it was a really good day and good summertime fun in Key West, FL.