Sunday, August 7, 2016

Our Travels to Hollywood Studios at the Disney Resort

Trick photography at Hollywood studios florida
One of the Trick Photography Spots
Disney’s Hollywood Studios, used to be called MGM.  I still have a hard time not calling it MGM; so forgive me if I slip. Disney’s Hollywood Studios is a Theme park that revolves around the movies.  There are more shows to see than rides, but the shows are very exciting as well as the rides.  The first time you visit, you could definitely spend the whole day here.  After a few visits, you know what you want to see again and you might be able to spend half a day here. 

Star Wars Parade at Hollywood Studios in Orlando Florida
Star Wars Parade During Star Wars Day - Photo by Rodney Hostos
There are two ways we like to visit the park.  If I have enough days, I like to go to Animal Kingdom early in the morning and then come back to our hotel and eat dinner.  Then get on a bus and head over to Hollywood Studios.  This way works great if there are extra magic hours at Hollywood Studios and it is opened late.  The other way is to go to Hollywood Studios early in the morning and then head over to Epcot by bus or boat for the rest of the day. 

One of our favorite times to visit is during the month of December.  That is when they had the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights.  The buildings were decorated with thousands of holiday lights and there were soapsuds being blown from the rooftops to make you think it is snowing.  It was truly a magical experience!  The climate is also a lot cooler then. Click here for events because things change and new things are added.

Star Wars Speeder Bike Photo Orlando Florida
Me, playing around. Yes, I am a Star Wars nut!!
If you LOVE Star Wars, then this is the Theme Park to visit.  I have not been able to visit since the new updates to the Star Wars Area has been added, but it sounds cool and I cannot wait to see it.
Here is their web page for more info.

***Tip***For Fast Pass at Hollywood Studios, you will want to add The Toy Story Ride, this is one of the longest lines in the park.

When we visit the park, we like to run to the Tower of Terror.  Yes believe it or not Nadia dragged me on the ride the last time. I had tried to talk her out of it.  It was fun and I was glad she got me to do it.  After Tower of Terror, you should try to ride the Aerosmith Ride.  It is a very fast roller coaster of fun with blasting Aerosmith music.  We LOVE it, and it is one of our favorites.  Last time we went though, Nadia had me ride each one five times in a row!  I think I might have to let her bring a friend next time, Momma's getting older!

We then head over to my favorite show. Beauty and the Beast.  I have to see this every time we visit.  I just love it.  Next we have to head over to Nadia’s favorite show, which is the Voyage of the Little Mermaid.  When she was around 3 years old, she got picked to introduce the show and received an autograph from Ariel and Prince Eric.

Beauty and the Beast Show at Hollywood Studios in Orlando Florida
Beauty and the Beast Show
Next we check out the Star Tours (Star Wars) ride, which as been updated since the last time we visited.  We look forward to trying it out.  Then we like to check out the Indiana Jones show and walk around for a bit and take some cool pictures.  We tried to get on the new Toy Story ride, but the wait was 90 minutes and the Fast Pass was already used up for the rest of the day.  I suggest you try to get to this ride first if you visit early in the morning. 

Also if you are visiting this park at night, you need to check out Fantasmic.  It is a nighttime fireworks and water show, it is Awesome! As you can see there is a lot to keep you busy.  There are quite a few places to eat.  Many shows to see – Like a stunt show and The American Idol Experience. You can definitely spend the whole day here and have movie magic fun with you and your family. ​You can read more about Disney's Hollywood Studios at their website.  Have Fun!