Saturday, August 20, 2016

Summertime Fun in Key West Florida - Day 2

Parasailing in Key West Florida
Day Two of our Key West Trip:  We woke up early because we needed to board the Fury for our Ultimate Adventure trip by 9:30 a.m.  Before we left, we stopped by the office of our hotel (The Southernmost Hotel) to request some extra towels, since we had four people in our room and to ask if they could talk to the people staying above us to be a little quieter. (there was a lot of running around sounds) You may want to request a second floor room if you decide to stay here.

Parasailing in the Florida Keys

We drove our car down to the dock and paid around $20 to park in a lot.  You have to check in with your photo ID and credit card and then fill out some liability forms before you board the Fury, which was a very big catamaran.  Once you get on board you get your snorkel gear and then eat breakfast (which was included in the ticket price).  They had a nice selection of danish, bagels and fruit.

We sat with a nice family that was visiting from Colorado.  The boat started and we were on our way to our first adventure, Snorkeling.  We traveled seven miles out to a living coral reef.  They gave instructions on Snorkeling and when you were ready to get in the water, you could jump or take the stairs that lowered right into the water.  We took the stairs.

It was so beautiful down there.  We saw many schools of blue parrot fish and the green and red ones.  There was a very big sea turtle and many many barracuda.  That was my first time seeing so many, usually I see one or two, but I am sure I saw over ten and they were big, but they left us alone.  It was a very enjoyable experience.  I want to say we were out there for about an hour. Just Beautiful!

We then, went back up the stairs to board the boat.  You turn in your snorkeling gear and then it is time to eat lunch. (Included in the admission price)  We had sandwiches and potato/macaroni salad, while we sailed for about 45 minutes to the Gulf of Mexico to dock at the Floating Island.

The Floating Island is where you can kayak, wall climb and then slide down an inflatable slide, jet-skiing, parasailing and swim.

When we arrived at the Island, you were divided into groups, so our group was first to go parasailing.  My friend and I had never been and the girls were too chicken, so they stayed on the boat while we went up.

Fun Parasailing in the Florida Keys Key West

For parasailing, you go out on a smaller boat and you go up two at a time.  There are two crew members that assist you and they really made us feel comfortable and we had some good laughs, while enjoying some Reggae Music. It was a lot of fun!  We could not stop laughing when it was our turn.  It was so much fun.  When you are all the way up, it just felt like you were floating in slow motion.  I believe our ride was around 10 minutes.  They also took pictures that you could purchase after.  I really enjoyed that.

Next, it was time for our group to go jet skiing.  Now for that, I was not too excited.  I had never been, and I was nervous.  I have trouble parking a car, how am I going to maneuver this thing.  I really wanted just to be a passenger, but Nadia was too young to drive; so I put on my brave hat and got on with Nadia holding on behind me.  I explained to the guy that I was new to this, and he was really nice and put me at ease.  He also jokingly told everyone to stay away from me. That did make me laugh!  

So, what you do, is ride around in an oval for about 15 minutes.  You can go faster and stuff on the inside, so I just drove the perimeter at, ok, 8 mph. LOL.  Nadia would tell me, "Mom you are doing great, but you can go a little faster".  Wow, I got us up to 12 mph.  I admit my weaknesses.  Put me back up in the air on the parasail and get me off this jet ski LOL.  

I would definitely make such a better passenger.  "Open that baby up!"

After we were done with the jet ski, we could play on the island, or hang out on the boat and relax with complimentary beer or wine.  We decided to relax and have a beer.  About twenty minutes later the boat took off to bring us back.  

We had a very fun time and the crew was great!  Very friendly, helpful and did not make you feel like an idiot at all.  They were really nice.

Here is there website if you would like more information: The Fury's Ultimate Adventure

It was around 5:30 p.m. when we arrived back to our hotel room, we were tired and could not wait to get a shower and relax.  We open the door to our room and to our dismay, there was pile of clean towels thrown down on a chair, but our room was a mess along with the trash cans overflowing with trash.  Room Service had not cleaned our room and this was supposed to be a resort!  We went down to the office and they said they would have someone come over right away.  All we wanted by then was just coffee for tomorrow and for them to empty the trash which they did and were really nice about it.

After I was done with my shower, my friend told me she had talked to the office again about the people upstairs.  They said they would move us to another room to the side with the beach.  The rooms were very very nice on that side, but just the thought of having to pack up and move everything across the street was exhausting after being out on the water all day, so we chose to stay put.

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Southernmost House in Key West Florida
Southernmost House
When we were done with dinner, we decided to walk up Duval Street and get some ice cream and then walked down by the beach to see the lights at the hotel.

Fun in Key West Florida

Afterward, we went to bed. All of us were exhausted with the fun day we had.  

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Look at the Shark Wall Tapestry