Saturday, August 13, 2016

We Had a Blast on the Airboat Ride and Just Visiting Sawgrass Recreational Park in South Florida

Sawgrass recreational area of the Everglades

Nadia and I went to Sawgrass Recreation Park in South Florida with two of our friends.  When we arrived, the weather did not look good at all and the airboat rides were on hold to see what the weather was going to do.

Alligator Wrestling in the Everglades
Alligator Wrestling
While we waited on the weather to clear up, we walked around to view the animal exhibits and watch the alligator wrestling show.  The alligators were huge! I believe there were two or three in the pen with the Wrestler. It was a good show. Here is a video below of the jaws snapping shut, just listen to that  sound – Yikes!!

There were a lot of those vultures hanging around.

Black Vultures in the Glades

After the alligator wrestling show, we were able to hold a baby alligator. I opted to hold it, but Nadia wanted no part of it. We then went on to view the other various animals. There were different kinds of lizards and snakes. Then it was on to the farm exhibit. There were peacocks, goats and pigs....
Wait, what was that? Our airboat ride was ready?? Yee-Ha!

We got in our group to board the airboat called “Hog Wild”. You are handed complimentary earplugs, because the motor is quite loud. QUITE LOUD it was!  We started out, the sky still looked kind of bad, but the wind blowing through our hair was quite nice. It was just amazing out there. How do people not get lost? It is not a place to play, you really need to know your stuff out there in the Everglades. Get this; people actually live out there in camps! Our driver was a lady. I thought to myself, well I guess if I get laid off at work, maybe I could drive an airboat. I hope I do not get laid off at work, because I would get lost out there.

We only got to see one alligator while we were out in the airboat that day.

airboat named hog wild
Hog Wild was the name of our boat
The airboat ride lasted for about 30 minutes. Again, everyone enjoyed themselves.

When we got back to land, we went to continue our tour of the animals. They had some big cats towards the back.  A Florida Panther and two Black Leopards. I never knew there were Black Leopards; I had thought we were looking at a Black Panther. They also had some wolves on display. As we were walking back to the store, we happened upon an alligator swimming in the water right near where we were walking. We were shocked, so hold onto your little ones, because even though this is a park, it is in a wild area with real wild animals!! 

Alligator swimming in the water
Below is a picture of one of the Black Leopards

black leopard

Our friends and I really enjoyed our visit to Sawgrass Recreation Park.  We still talk about our visit to this day.  You can find out more by visiting their website here.  They also have a small store and restrooms.