Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Grandfather Mountain Is A Fun Stop When Traveling on the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina

view grandfather mountain in north carolina
View from Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina

After leaving the “wild west” of Tweetsie Railroad, we headed onto the Blue Ridge Parkway to Grandfather Mountain.  We did not get to travel that far on the Parkway, but what we did see was very beautiful. When we got to the entrance to Grandfather Mountain, you pay at the gate, while still in your car.  Nadia and I, were then given a CD to listen to as we drove to the mile high swinging bridge.  The last time I was here, I was still married and my former husband was doing the driving.  This was a very steep drive up and down and I have to say, I kind of wish my ex was doing the driving again, but I was proud of myself that I was able to do it. 

Driving the steep roads at Grandfather Mountain
Driving at Grandfather Mountain
We arrived at the swinging bridge parking lot.  You have to enter the store first and then go out the doors to the bridge.  Once you cross the bridge you can climb a little on the mountain.  Hold onto your kids tight and do not let them run ahead.  Also wear good sturdy shoes with good treads.  The view was magnificent!!

Grandfather Mountain off the Blue Ridge Parkway Views

After playing on the bridge, we got back in the car and drove down the mountain a little ways.  OMG!!  It was very steep and the car in front of us decided to stop to take a picture of the view in front of them.  Do not ever do that!!!  There are people behind you trying not to burn their breaks out who are coming down a very steep mountain!  We decided to pull off in the next parking lot and do the .5-mile hike back up to the bridge.  It was a rough trail, with rocks to climb over.  Nadia did not want to heed my caution about slowing down and paying attention, so she ended up falling and skinning her knee.  Thank goodness for my handy dandy first aid kit.  She was ok.

This trail is pretty popular.

Hiking Trail to the Swinging Bridge Grandfather Mountain
Hiking Trail to the Swinging Bridge
We got back in the car and headed back down the STEEP Mountain to the Wildlife Habitat.  When I parked the car, you could smell burnt rubber from people’s breaks.  At the Wildlife Habitat, there were  bears, cougars, deer and otters. 
Black Bear at Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina
A Black Bear
Below is a video of the Mile High Bridge and the humming birds at Grandfather Mountain.

At the nature museum, they had a restaurant so we had ourselves a nice little meal.  We watched the hummingbirds at the bird feeders outside.  I thought that was pretty neat to see these fast, tiny, pretty birds.  Nadia thought I was taking too long watching the hummingbirds, I believe she said, “Mom, if you seen one you’ve seen them all” I think someone needed a nap. 😉

When we were done with our visit at Grandfather Mountain, we started our long journey back home.  This was a fun road-trip and Nadia loved her first visit to the mountains.