Sunday, November 13, 2016

Rock City Gardens at Lookout Mountain in Georgia

Having fun at Rock City Gardens in Lookout Mountain georgia
Having fun at Rock City!
We left Stone Mountain, Georgia around 8:00 a.m.  I have to admit, it was a pain loading up the car, but we did it.  (not sure if I mentioned this earlier, but Nadia was 9 years old at the time 2011) Our next stop was to Rock City Gardens in Lookout Mountain, Georgia.  It was only about a 2-hour drive from Stone Mountain.  This is where you really start to see some mountains.   My daughter was getting very excited and so was I.  I was very happy that she was enjoying this road trip and I was glad that I was not lost!  Even though we only visited Rock City, there is more to see at Lookout Mountain.  They also have Ruby Falls, which are caverns and there is an Incline Railway.

I have to say I was very happy when we arrived at Rock City Gardens.  The road was curvy going up and when we got out of the car you could smell a little burning break smell.

Exploring Rock City Gardens in Georgia
Walking on the trails in the Garden

We made it! Rock City Gardens is a very pretty and cool place to visit. It does not take the whole day, only about 2.5 hours.  We went through the whole trail twice.  They have a swinging bridge and different rock formations to walk through.  You can also see seven states on the summit.  My daughter loved the Mother Goose Village.  They also have a small snack counter where we ordered pizza for lunch. The only disappointment that I had, was that it was not cooler here.  Being from Florida, I was hoping for some cooler weather the higher up we went, but not so, it was still very hot.  Bring a lot of liquids with you to stay hydrated.

Mother Goose Village the Cow Jumped over the moon rock city gardens georgia
Inside the Mother Goose Village
I loved the views at Rock City.

Waterfall at Rock City Gardens Lookout Mountain Georgia
Waterfall at Rock City
Rock City also has special events going on throughout the year, so check out their website when planning your trip.  Rock City Gardens in Lookout Mountain, Georgia