Wednesday, November 16, 2016

We Saw the Horn in the West - Outdoor Show in Boone, North Carolina

Hickory Ridge Homestead - A living history museum our outdoor travel stories
Hickory Ridge Homestead - A living history museum
Yes, believe it or not, we are still on Day 5 of our Road Trip!  Earlier in the day we were visiting the Biltmore Estates in Ashville, North Carolina, then onto Blowing Rock and now I was to be brave and drive at night in a strange place.  We went to see The Horn in the West in Boone, NC.  

“What is that?” you ask.  Well, it is Revolutionary War drama.   The show is outdoors and It portrays the lives of pioneers who braved the wilderness to settle in the Blue Ridge Mountains seeking freedom from the British tyranny.

Hickory Ridge Homestead - A living history museum
One of the Cabins
Not only is there an outdoor show, but get there early to see the Hickory Ridge Living History Museum.  They have actual cabins (that were moved and rebuilt) from the Civil War and the Revolutionary War era.  There are actors dressed in period costumes to explain life at that time.  They had a locksmith cabin.  Nadia did not want to leave.  They showed us how they made nails and bullets.  It was pretty neat.  Then a soldier from the Revolutionary War showed us how he shot his gun.  We really enjoyed ourselves. 

Hickory Ridge Homestead - A living history museum The Locksmith Cabin
The Locksmith Cabin

During the end of the show when it was darker, I swear I saw a bat fly by, but it could have been just a long adventurous day.

handmade cornhusk dolls
Handmade Corn husk Dolls
You can make reservations a head of time.  The show was about 2 hours long.  It was really awesome.  They shot off cannons and guns during the battle re-enactments.  The acting was pretty good.  There is about a 20-minute intermission and a snack bar. 

Below is a video of some singers at the Hickory Ridge Homestead.

After the show we drove back to the hotel, but I did not realized that they were going to do construction at night near the entrance.  I had missed the entrance and went up the wrong hill.  It was blocked with a fence and construction equipment.  My hair was really frizzing with stress now (I hate driving in strange places at night), but I backed up and prayed while I turned the car around.  Yeah!!!! We made it to the Hotel safe and sound.