Monday, December 26, 2016

Loved the Stormtroopers at Hollywood Studios

stormtroopers marching by scary but cool
Stormtroopers Marching By "Move Out of the Way"
During the summer of 2016, we got to enjoy a visit to Disney's Hollywood Studios.  It had been a couple of years since we got to visit Disney and were surprised that we were picked to go through a metal detector!  It is true, we live in a scary time, the world is changing.  I also noticed a helicopter flying around too.

Nadia was really upset, because they pulled her aside because she was setting off the buzzer; but it was her belt.  Of course, she had a security guard who was very assertive, but I explained to her over and over throughout the day that they were just doing their job and you have to take precautions.  This is the world we live in now.

So we ran as fast as we could to our first fast pass, Toy Story.  Fun, Fun, Fun!

Captain Phasma at Hollywood Studios

Then it was on to the Star Wars Area.  We were both blown away.  So freaking cool!!  They have a Stormtrooper show and they are around at different spots throwing around their authority.  For example, it was someone's birthday and they demanded to see their ID! 😅 It felt really real, but cool.

Stormtrooper talking to crowd at Hollywood Studios Orlando
Stormtrooper Asking for ID
Next we had to run over to our Tower of Terror Fast Pass.

Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios
Hollywood Studios Tower of Terror
We then went on the Rockin Roller Coaster - Aerosmith.  We love that coaster and great music of course.

Next, we went back to the Star Wars area and saw the little movie of what is coming up next in Hollywood Studios.  It is going to be awesome in Star Wars Land.  After wards we went through the little museum area, but we did not opt to meet Chewbacca or Kylo Ren (It cost extra).

Check out the carpet!

Star Wars Carpet at Hollywood Studios
Check out the Star Wars Carpet
The museum was really cool with statues of Boba Fett (my favorite), Stormtroopers, pilots, etc.

Then we saw the march of the Stormtroopers, this happened around every 30 minutes. They would march to the stage to perform a short show.

Captain Phasma leading her stormtroopers

Step aside!
Captain Phasma Yelling at the Crowd
Captain Phasma
Then we went over to ride the Star Wars Ride and saw Darth Vader.

Darth Vadar fighting young jedi at the jedi Temple

We really enjoyed the the Star Wars area, but Nadia and I are also Star Wars buffs.  Please note that part of the park is under construction for the new areas that Disney is creating in Hollywood Studios.  It will be very cool when they are finished.

After visiting the ride, Star Tours, we went in the Star Was shop and got new custom magic bands.  Mine has Boba Fett and Nadia selected Chewbacca.  It did cost extra, but I thought that would be a souvenir we can use again.

Check out what is coming later at Hollywood Studios, they also talk about Star Wars Land!

It was now time for us to go.  We needed to catch the Disney Bus to the Animal Kingdom.

You can read more about Hollywood Studios here.

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