Tuesday, December 13, 2016

We Loved Our Stay at Disney's All Star Music Resort

Disney's All-Star Music Resort Country Music Theme
The Country Music Theme Area at Disney's All-Star Music Resort
Disney's All Star Music Resort is a Value Resort located in the Animal Kingdom Area.  We were lucky enough to be able to book a room for four days with only two days notice.  Bad weather had changed our original summer vacation plans.  As always, the Disney Travel Specialist was very helpful.  I always just book our vacations by calling the phone number on Disney's Website.

Cowboy Theme

Finally Friday had arrived and Nadia and I got the car all set for our quick road-trip to Orlando.  We must have been excited to get there, because we drove straight through with no bathroom breaks!  That was a first for us.

I had completed the on-line check in at home before we left and also arranged our Fast Passes.  We also brought our Magic Bands that we had used previously.  When we got to the resort, we went to the on-line check in desk and the girl was so helpful and nice.  She handed us our brochures and map.  She also made sure that our Magic Bands were working and had the room key and park tickets programmed in.

We then went back out to the car to drive to our room.  I thought the area was a little tricky and we got lost.  We thought we were at our building.  I had loved the big Giant Herby Car by the pool, but we could not find our room.  After finally asking, we were at the All-Star Movie Resort. Duh 😅

I needed to park on the other side of the parking lot.  We eventually got to the right spot.  All I have to say, is Disney really knows me and must of known I was supposed to go camping.  We were put in the Country Music Section with giant statues of Banjos, Fiddles and Boots.  It was cool.  Our room was also facing the woods.

Huge Banjo in Country Music Area of Disney's All Star Resort
Huge Banjo
There was even a raccoon wondering around on the first floor.  I had never seen that before.

a raccoon wondering around
A Raccoon Wandering Around
We finally found our room.

hotel room

And it was really nice.

We unpacked for our four night stay.

bathroom at Disney's Allstar Music
Add caption

Walked around and got a feel for the place.

The Pool Area at Disney's All-Star Resort
The Pool
They have a nice guitar shaped pool and fast food dining area.  

Check out how big this boot is.

A Giant Boot
A Giant Boot

There was even a picnic area with benches near the room.

picnic area at disney's all-star music resort
Picnic Area
Now, the Country Music area was further back, so it was a bit of a walk to get to the dining and bus area.  It was ok with us, except for when we came home from the parks.  We wanted someone to carry us. 😆  You can drive if you want, but this is my vacation too and I let Disney drive me everywhere.

Also, you may want to purchase the souvenir cup.  You are able to get free refills of coffee and soda throughout your stay.  ***Tip*** Carry it in your bag if you can, that way when you get off the bus at night and want something to drink, you do not need to walk back from your room to get it.

There are different music themes to choose from like Rock and Jazz.  I like the Country one though, it was far, but also out of the way and quiet.

I would definitely stay here again.  Also, the Disney Transportation provided at this Resort is Bus only.