Tuesday, December 20, 2016

We Took a Look at the New Disney Springs

Disney Springs fun
Disney Springs
After we were situated in our hotel room at Disney's All-Star Music Resort, we walked over to the Disney Buses and waited for the one that would take us to Disney Springs, formally Downtown Disney.

Wow!  We did not recognize it.  They really changed it up.  Our first stop was to eat lunch.  Usually we like to eat at the T-Rex Cafe, but this time Nadia wanted to eat at the Rainforest Cafe.

The Rainforest Cafe in Disney Springs

I had ordered a drink and told Nadia that she could get whatever she wanted.  She told me she was eyeing the Ribs and I almost spit out my drink.  I told her "I thought you were going to order something in our price range."  She then received a text from her 8th Grade Algebra Teacher that she had passed the High School exam to get the High School credit for Algebra.  So I told Nadia, "Ribs it is!" (I really thought she was going to flunk that test, I was sooooooooo glad she passed.)

So after Nadia's big rib meal, which she had to bring some back to the room cause she could not finish; we walked around Disney Springs.

The Springs at Disney Springs
The Springs
So see, I got to see some springs on this trip 😀

We went into the Disney Themed Stores.  I got a backpack to carry my things in the park and Nadia got a gift for her friends Birthday.

I then saw it, a huge Star Wars Store.  Cool!  I had to take my picture next to the pictures of the characters.

Check out the Rainbow behind the Disney Springs Balloon.

Rainbow in the sky behind the balloon at Disney Springs
Rainbow behind the Balloon
We walked around a little more and then it started raining; this very hard, ice cold windy rain.  It must have been some bands left by Tropical Storm Collin.  We were soaked to the bone, but laughed the whole time.  By the time we got to our bus stop, the rain was blowing sideways.  It felt like it took 20 minutes for that bus to come.  We were freezing.

When we got back to the resort, we bought the souvenir cup in the dining area and I got some coffee and Nadia got hot cocoa to take back to the room.  Yes, the room was freezing.

We just relaxed for the rest of the night and watched Modern Family (they have back to back episodes on every Friday Night) We love that show.