Tuesday, December 13, 2016

You Just Never Know....

Before I really get into the next posts about our Summer Vacation at Disney, I just want to explain how this particular vacation came about.

Disney was not our original plan (well it would have been Nadias) for this summer's vacation.  My original plan was that we were going to stay at Stephen Foster's State Park for three nights in a cabin. We were also supposed to go to Weeki Wachee and see the Mermaids and just visit the various springs and State Parks in the area.  I was looking forward to camping and had our menu all planned. I was keeping the budget down.

Well, a few days before our trip, Tropical Storm Collin decided to visit North Florida and close every State Park on our list.  I only had three days to re-act and I was very concerned about our safety.  I was not sure how the roads were going to be due to flooding and I was sure the springs would not be looking good after a storm.

So I decided on Wednesday night that we needed to be safe and we were going to Orlando to visit Disney World.  I was hoping beyond hope that they had an affordable room available for us to visit in just two days!!  I had never planned a Disney trip that fast and it all worked out.  I called my Mom and she was so glad that she didn't have to worry about us at Disney.

But I learned a BIG LESSON.  You are not safe anywhere.

Those four days turned out to be the most devastating time for Orlando and Disney.  Friday night was the shooting of Christina Grimmie, from American Idol; then the Pulse Nightclub shooting was on Saturday; and the Alligator attack happened the day we left.

We need to really just enjoy each day we have with each other.  Continue to have fun and smile, but do not let your guard down and be aware of your surroundings.  I was kind of depressed for a while when we got home.  I felt so bad for all the victims and families.

Our hearts and prayers go out to all that were involved during that sad time.