Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Check Out the Sunset at EPCOT!

The sun setting at EPCOT
The Sun Setting at EPCOT
It was now Monday, and our last day visiting a Disney Park.  Tomorrow, we would have to pack up and head back home.

We arrived in the morning, and of course we were picked to go through the metal detectors again.  No problem, it was all about safety.

The Train Garden in Germany at EPCOT
The Train Garden in Germany
We had picked Soarin as our main Fast Pass.  Later, I let Nadia go on Test Track as a Single Rider.  The wait time was much faster that way.  We did our usual tour of Future World, and then it was on to  the World Showcase.

Mexico in EPCOT
We started off in Mexico.  Nadia got her Churros and I got my Margarita.  After we were finished, Nadia and I enjoyed the boat ride.  Next, we went to Norway, but the ride was still closed.  They are making a themed ride of Frozen!  (It is now open as of this post)  We will have to visit again to checkout the new Frozen ride.

Nadia and I, made our way through the different countries: China: we watched the circle vision movie; we continued through Germany, Italy, and America: we listened to the singers (great) and watched the show; then onto Japan for Poky, Morocco, and France: we watched the movie and I wanted to get a creme brulee, but we were not able to this visit.  Next we went onto England and finished in Canada where we watched the movie.

Sunset evening at epcot and the lagoon

After walking around for a bit more, our feet hurt a lot. We decided to see if we could get a bench and wait for the Firework show. I got a giant pretzel in Germany and Nadia had her popcorn. We found a bench by the lagoon in Germany.
Sunset in Orlando Florida Epcot

 The sunset was such a beautiful view and a nice way to wind down the day.  Please be aware though, we must have been sitting near a nest in a tree for mice, because every now and then one would run from the bushes across the walk way and under our bench into the bushes behind us.  We were so tired, that we would just lift up our feet when one would come running.  There was about four.  It was a good conversation piece for all of us waiting on the show to start.

Now, don't get me wrong; if they were huge big water rats; I probably would have run screaming.

The sunsetting and shining on the lagoon at Epcot.

I know from these photos, the sunset looks nice; and it was; BUT, a thunderstorm was actually rolling in.  The Firework show was delayed for about 30 minutes and we decided we better leave before the sky opens up on us.  We did still have to wait on our bus after all.

As we stood in line for our bus, we heard the fireworks show start! 😡  Oh well, you win some you lose some.  We had a fun day and a very fun trip.

You can read about what is happening at EPCOT and more at Disney's Website.

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