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10 Essentials Campers Should Always Bring Along

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Also, keep in mind these are all good essentials for going through a Hurricane too.  After going through Hurricane Irma though, you may want cool clothing too 😅

10 Essentials Campers Should Always Bring Along

Warm Clothing and Blanket
Even if you are going to be camping at a generally high temp location, chances are the nights won't be so forgiving. If you would rather not be chattering from the cold all through the night due to only bringing along your regular pajamas and a sleeping bag per person as a sole means of warmth at night, then loading up on enough extra blankets and warm pj's to sleep in would be the smart move. No one wants to catch a cold on their weekend off in the woods.

Ample Lighting
A few flashlights, a lantern, and a headlamp would be the suggested light sources to tote along for your next camping trip. These are invaluable to keep near you in your tent, for both safety and convenience reasons. Having a flashlight that you can easily access when you need to use the restroom at night or grab something from the car quickly in the case of an unexpected turn of events.

A Backup on Power Sources
Having enough batteries for all your light sources, in case they go out, will serve you and your family from a potentially dangerous situation. Also, if you rely on a portable battery to charge your phones or something to that degree, it's important to be able to keep a consistent charge in times of emergency. If you have a power source and are able to, be sure to bring along rechargeable batteries for all the necessities you would use every day. Think of things such as a means to power your e cigarette starter kit or Iphone while away from home.

First Aid Kit
Speaking of cases of emergency, you should never go on a camping trip without bringing along a first aid kit stocked with all your needed essentials. Bandages, ointment, sewing supplies, gauze, and anything else you may need in times of injury should always be found in the same place. Dedicate a box to hold all of these supplies and keep it somewhere that is easy to access, such as somewhere that is easy to reach in your vehicle. Should you go hiking and are away from your vehicle for a time, be sure to take the kit along with you in a backpack. There is a comprehensive list available with suggestions of what a proper first aid kit should include.

Rope and Tarps
There are many ways that rope can come in handy around the campsite. Same with tarps. In case of a storm hitting your site, you can use tarps and rope to protect your campsite from hail or otherwise.

Map and a Compass
These items are especially useful if you aren't very familiar with the area. You could be going on a hike with your group and exploring somewhere new that you've only ever heard about by word of mouth. Even if you are familiar with the area, it's useful to have a map of where you're at and a compass just in case.

Swiss Army Knife
Invest in a good quality Swiss army knife for all its uses and keep it on your person at all times. These knives come in many sizes, according to what you are looking for in their tools and the quality of the knife. The best kind of Swiss army knife will include useful tools like a small and large blade, can opener, corkscrew, tweezers, mini screwdriver, and pliers, just to name a few.

Plenty of Fire Sources
Even if you prefer to use a lighter to light things, always be sure to pack away a nice carton of high quality matches and leave them where they will stay dry, such as in the car. On the same note, even if you aren't a smoker, always bring along a few spare lighters for the same reason. You can never have too many backup options.

Even though you'll be spending the bulk of your time outdoors on your camping trip, that doesn't mean you have to live completely all natural. Remember to pack away all the necessities that you use every day at home, such as toothpaste, hair product, face wash, and so on.

Bug Spray
Unless you want to get eaten alive out there, bring along some bug spray that wards away ticks, mosquitoes, and gnats. Mosquitoes are especially bothersome in the evening and in areas where there is a water source nearby.

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