Sunday, September 3, 2017

Portable Technology for Your Next Camping Trip

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Portable Technology For Your Next Camping Trip
Camping has become a lot easier, comfortable and enjoyable thanks to various advancements in technology and their resulting devices. Some camping purists will argue that the point of spending time in the outdoors is to disconnect from everyday gadgets; while this is quite the valid point, it is important to note that the devices listed herein will add to the safety, entertainment and overall enjoyment of your trip.

Solar Battery Chargers
First things first: you must find a source of energy to recharge the electronic devices you intend to bring with you on your camping excursion. A solar battery charger such as the Instapark 10 watt panel is very portable and lightweight, but will only work when the sun shines; for this reason, you may want to include an external battery to hold the energy generated by the solar panel. You can also look into batteries equipped with a small solar cell; these often come with a clip that you can attach to your backpack for recharging on the go.

Rugged Tablet or Smartphone
If you're outdoors camping trip will leave you exposed to the elements, chances are that your everyday laptop, tablet or smartphone will not be able to handle the conditions. You have a few choices in this regard: if you only intend to use your mobile devices occasionally during your trip, you can store them in a rugged protective case. If you plan to become an avid camper or hiker whose lifestyle demands connectivity, you will be better off investing in rugged devices such as the Dell Latitude 12 tablet or the Ulefone Armor line of smartphones; these are waterproof, dust-proof and impact resistant devices that provide long-lasting battery life and excellent wireless broadband connectivity.

Survival Lamp
Thanks to advances in illumination technology, you can now go camping with incredibly useful gadgets such as the 30-Day Lantern from Ultimate Survival Technologies. Powered by three D-sized batteries, this lantern will last for a month if you set it at the 29 lumen rate, which is the lowest setting, and for more than 30 hours when it is set at the highest level of illumination.

The sounds of the forest may be soothing, but you will sometimes find the need to listen to music, a podcast or a local radio station. Even the most rugged headphones or earphones are known to break down during camping trips, and thus you should look into affordable options that give you decent quality. To this effect, American brand Koss is one of your best options.

Electronic Cigarette
If you are a smoker, a portable vape box mod will make your trip to the wilderness more enjoyable than bringing along traditional cigarettes that are bound to get wet and create fire hazards. You will still need to look into a protective case for your vaping device, but you should not have problems recharging with the aforementioned solar chargers, just be sure to bring a few batteries.

Spot Satellite Messenger
Depending on the camping destination you choose, you may not be able to get a decent wireless signal to operate your mobile devices, thereby making your trip a bit risky. You should only venture into remote and inhospitable locations with some sort of emergency signaling and communications device such as the Spot Satellite Messenger, which is used by park rangers in very remote place such as the rainforest regions of Costa Rica. These devices utilize GPS and satellite communications technology that connects to the GEOS International Emergency Response Center. Spot Messengers can also be used for simple, one-touch communications sent by email or SMS to contacts and loved ones for the purpose of letting them know that you are doing well. Professional mountain rescue squads around the world have invested in these devices, which require payment of a reasonable annual subscription.

In the end, the key to enjoying technology during your camping trip is to choose the right gadgets that will keep you safe and comfortable.

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