Welcome to Our Outdoor Travel Stories

My name is Gwendalyn Abrams, and I created Our Outdoor Travel Stories to share our tips and stories about our outdoor adventures.  "Our" is my daughter Nadia who is 14 years old now and I.  We are not experts, we are just your everyday person learning as we go.  I am the shy one and Nadia is the one who tells it like it is.

On that note, I have discovered that traveling is my passion.  I love nature, wildlife and the beauty of this world.  Doing outdoor adventures are also a lot cheaper for the budget minded person.  So not only are you doing an affordable vacation, you can learn about the beauty of our earth along the way.

I have found that a lot of my friends, co-workers and acquaintances have wondered where and how I thought of these places to visit and they enjoy hearing about my experience, so I thought their might be others out there who would like to know, hence the creation of Our Outdoor Travel Stories Blog.

To make it easier to get around on the site, I have created a Places Page.  This page will contain links to the places we have visited; just click on the link of the place you are interested and a list of our travel blogs pertaining to that place will pop up on another page.  Hope that makes it a little easier.

I also have realized that I enjoy taking photographs of nature so I have been selling some of my photographs and designs on:
It is my hope with this blog, that I have inspired you to try to get outdoors and explore.  Take time to enjoy the simple things in life and enjoy every minute that you can, spending time with your family and friends.  Even just taking time out on your own to stop and smell the roses and take in God's wonder, can really soothe the soul.

You can contact me at: thesingleparentadventurist@gmail.com